Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Publication Range for Books

I noticed in the Children's Book Award Guide that books eligible for the 2008 -2009 award must have a copyright date of 2004 or later.  This larger range does allow for us to really gage which books are really popular among our students.  It would also allow for us to have some "blockbuster" titles in our first year's list (Twilight by Meyer, Uglies by Westerfeld, and The Lightning Thief by Riordan, just to name a few).  

I can see both plusses and minuses in using a larger date range.  What does everyone else think?


librarylagarde said...


My instinct is to keep the books as current as possible... but perhaps we could widen the field for the first year. It seems odd to always have the books be from the last 3-4 years. What does everyone else think?

Joann said...

I agree that for the first year it might benefit us to include some highly talked about favorites to our list in order to get some notice and draw in the kids a little quicker this first time. But I also think we should include some newer ones that the kids might not have heard of yet.

bmann said...

I agree with the above. Include some a bit older but with a lot of appeal and also some new releases.

Everyone in agreement about the publication date of titles to be included on the list?

Q 2. - Will we allow books that have already won awards or honors or been on a BOB list?

Mary Jane said...

Let's react to using 2005-2008 titles. Are there important books we would miss not going back to 2004?

14thebooks said...

I think 2005 - 2008 gives us enough range, even if we do miss some really good earlier titles. By limiting the total number of titles we will have to cut good books whatever the date range is.

rejordan said...

Good point, ignore the comment on the later date.