Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Comments about NCCBA booklet Mary Jane sent

Post any comments, recommendations or critiques of the booklet from the bookhive website that Mary Jane referenced.

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bmann said...

It seems to me that this booklet is more about all the fun/educational materials we can put together for each book after the books have been selected.

One interesting point about selecting the actual book list is that kids can actually nominate books for the next years list. If we are still working toward the proposed deadline we set at the conference meeting though I don't think that we have time to do that this year. Unless we decide that
this may be a good way to introduce and begin the marketing of this new award this year by really working to get student (and teacher and SLMS) input and then use those suggestions as a starting point for us as a committe to work from and add to for the actual list next year? Just an idea to put out there.

Someone else brought up a good quetion about what exactly are the publication date parameters of the books we should be examining? We should pin this down first so we know what we can and cannot offer as nominations.

Comments? Ideas?