Friday, December 21, 2007

Books to Consider List

I have added a list of suggested books that we might consider for our list. If you have some titles you would like to add post them here and I will add them to the list.


Mary Jane said...

How do we add titles to your list?

Are there any Saturday's that aren't available?

Couldn't we meet at a public place downtown and go over what we have so far? (library or conference room at hotel?) My friend will get us a place at one of the downtown locations if this works for you all.

Mary Jane said...

The Other Half of Me by Sara Franklin

librarylagarde said...

Hey there!
Here are a couple of titles that I recently read and that I thought were great...

Zane's Trace by Allan Wolf
Do Not Pass Go by Kirkpatrick Hill

I'll be sure to add more later!

rejordan said...

I thought we had more or less decided that the book should be published in the (basically) last calendar year -- or have I just missed it!

I have no objections to any of the books listed, though.

Thanks, Robin

rejordan said...

for meeting, currently the only things planned for a Saturday for me are on Jan. 12 & 26. All the Sat in Feb. are currently unreserved at this time.

bmann said...

To add titles to list:

Everyone should have administrator priviledges so to add titles to list...
1. Log in - this should take you to dashboard - if not click on dashboard at top right of page
2. click on layout
3. on the right side you should see a box that says Books to Consider List - click on edit
4. Add your title and save.

Joann said...

Any Saturday in February will be ok with me.